A Journey of Academic Achievement and Personal Development

Mrs. Wendy Barreto and Mr. Joseph Barreto, Parents of Kayla '22 and Bianca '25
Being part of the Mount community has been and will continue to be both an honor and a privilege for our family.  Our oldest daughter Kayla was a 2022 graduate and our youngest daughter Bianca will graduate in 2025.  As we reflect on their journeys through high school, our family is filled with gratitude and a sense of accomplishment. With the guidance from Sister Lisa and the entire Mount staff, these transformative years have shaped them into the young women they are today.

Academically our daughters have grown by conquering new material forged by their growing eagerness to expand their knowledge.  Whether through hours of studying, collaboration with peers on group work, or with the countless hours spent with their teachers outside the classroom mastering a subject matter - one thing is clear, the Mount has provided our daughters with a strong educational foundation that will serve them well in their college years and professional careers.

High school has been a hub of personal growth and self-discovery for our daughters. The extracurricular activities, clubs, sports, and organizations that the Mount provides have definitely nurtured their passions. The Mount has been a platform for our daughters to explore their own interests, embrace their talents, and to never be afraid to question the status quo.  The memories they have made at the Mount will hold a special place in our family’s heart.
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