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Mercy International

Mount Saint Mary Academy is proud to support Mercy International, an extensive collaboration among the Sisters of Mercy which has worked tirelessly to respond to issues associated with global poverty and injustice.

What does Mercy International do?

  • Works to ensure that the spirit and mission of Catherine McAuley continues, inspired by her imperative that 'the poor need help today, not next week'
  • Runs Spirituality and Justice Education programmes
  • Shares the heritage and inspiration of the Mercy story with thousands of visitors at the Centre and online

Through Mercy Global Action, Mercy International...

  • Works to eradicate global trafficking of women and children
  • Advocates for water justice, access to clean water and sanitation
  • Addresses unjust and unsustainable mining practices
  • Works to ensure the spirit and works of Catherine McAuley continue
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