One Schoolhouse

Mount Saint Mary Academy is a proud member of One Schoolhouse which began as Online School for Girls. One Schoolhouse recently added an all- boys division and a co-ed division. This is the first independent online school in the world. In the tradition of independent schools, One Schoolhouse values small class sizes, individualized attention, and high academic standards. The Mount and One Schoolhouse share a commitment to girls education and as a result, provide an academic environment that reflects the way girls learn while promoting self-confidence and high achievement.

The Mount is excited to offer online classes from One Schoolhouse. The Academy is committed to providing students with resources that remain on the cutting edge in order to best prepare them for the next stages of their academic journey and beyond. The engaging and challenging coursework of One Schoolhouse as well as the overall experience of completing academic work through this very modern medium will be great assets to our students.

For more information on One Schoolhouse, please visit their website.

One Schoolhouse Course Offerings for 2020-2021

All courses offered by One Schoolhouse may be found on their website.

There is an extra fee for all courses. Students who choose to enroll in a One Schoolhouse class as a seventh or eighth course and want the grade to be factored into their GPA must take the class during the school day under the supervision of the Assistant Directress for Curriculum and Faculty. Students may not enroll in a course offered at the Mount unless there is a conflict in their schedules.

Students who take an AP on-line class must also sit for the AP exam in May. The fee for the exam will be paid to the Academy and the Academy will administer the exam.

Although all students are permitted to take a class through One Schoolhouse, freshmen will be strongly advised to not take an on-line course.

One Schoolhouse Participation Policy

All students, regardless of grade level, are permitted to take a class through One Schoolhouse; however, freshmen will be strongly advised to not take an online course.

Online courses will be given course credit and factored into the GPA by the Academy only under the following conditions:

I. The course is taken during the academic year, September to June, so the class can be supervised by school personnel.

II. The student agrees to participate in the course during school hours while under the supervision of a member of the Academy faculty or administration.

III. The Academy does not offer the course.

IV. The Academy offers the course but student is unable to take it due to a scheduling conflict.

V. Only one full year or two half-year classes will be given credit, i.e. only an 8th course may receive credit. A 9th course will count as an independent study and will not qualify for Academy credit.

VI. Course weight (AP/Honors/College-Prep) is determined by One Schoolhouse and will be reflected on student’s transcript.

A minimum of 130 course credits taken at Mount Saint Mary Academy are required for graduation. Students may not take online classes in order to graduate in three years.

In all cases the cost of the online course and all associated material fees will be paid by the student. Year-long courses are currently $1475.00; summer courses are $425.00.

Students who take an online AP class must also sit for the AP exam in May. The fee for the exam will be paid to the Academy and the Academy will administer the exam.
For more information onOne Schoolhouse courses offered at the Mount or on the participation policy, please contact program administrator Mrs. Karen Calta at 908.757.0108 ext. 4526 or
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