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Ways to Give

Every gift, large or small, helps to raise the standard of excellence that defines Mount Saint Mary Academy. Our young women, the leadership of tomorrow, are the direct recipients of this standard. The Mount invites you to participate in this very rewarding experience. The online giving feature found on the website provides donors with a fast, convenient, and secure means of contributing.

Gifts of Cash
Historically, a cash gift is the easiest and most direct way to give. The gift is usually made by a check payable to Mount Saint Mary Academy and is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. You may find that you are able to increase the size of your gift by extending payments over a three-year period, allowing for payments and tax deductions in each of the three years.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities
Publicly traded stocks that have appreciated in value and have been held for more than twelve months offer two advantages: first, you pay no capital gains tax on the appreciation in accordance with the tax law changes of 1997; and second, the full current market value qualifies as a charitable contribution deduction. Please note that to avoid the capital gains tax, the donation must be made to Mount Saint Mary Academy before the securities are sold. Otherwise, you will be liable for tax on the capital gain.

Gifts of Real Estate
Many donors have real estate holdings such as residences, vacation homes or underdeveloped property. In some cases, the property taxes on these parcels have skyrocketed out of proportion to the current value. A gift of property can have significant benefits to the donor and the school alike.

Gifts of Personal Property
Works of art, rare stamps or coins, and antiques, are examples of gifts and tangible personal property that qualify for tax deductions at fair market value. The gift must be directly related to the tax-exempt purposes of the school, have been owned for at least twelve months, and not be your own original creation. Gifts with a fair market value of $5,000 or more need to be qualified by an independent appraiser, as required by the Internal Revenue Service.

Commemorative/Memorial Gifts
Gifts may be given to honor a specific individual or organization, or to commemorate the memory of a loved one. When a commemorative gift is received, the Office of Development notifies the honoree or, in the case of a memorial gift, the family member(s) of the deceased.

Corporate Matching Gifts
Many companies have established matching gift programs so donors can double the value of their gifts. These programs match the employee's supported charitable organization, generally on a dollar-for-dollar basis and may include eligibility for retirees and spouses of employees. When the Mount receives the corporate gift, you receive credit for this gift, along with your own. Hence, a matching gift can double and sometimes triple your gift. To see if you, or your spouse's company has a matching gift program, contact your human resources department. Click here to go directly to our matching gifts page, and see if your company participates.

Planned Giving Opportunities
Planned giving allows an individual to support the mission of Mount Saint Mary Academy while enjoying financial benefits and ensuring their own financial security. Estate planning provides for the well being of family while simultaneously supporting the Mount's heritage of growth and contributing to our preferred future. Click here to learn more about planned giving opportunities.

In many cases, a deferred gift enables a donor to make a more significant contribution to Mount Saint Mary Academy than would be possible through an outright gift while maintaining or increasing annual income, enjoying a tax deduction and avoiding capital gains taxation.

Following are some examples of this type of gift:
  • Gifts Through Bequests
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Gifts of Life Insurance
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