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Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

Mount Saint Mary Academy marked Hispanic Heritage Month with a wide variety of activities in the World Languages Department, and in the Spanish and Peer Ministry Clubs.

Spanish teacher, Marion Senior, reported that her Spanish 3 CP students and Spanish 3 Honors students colored a block and collaborated to produce the banner representing those who have contributed to society in different ways. These individuals included: engineer Ellen Ochoa, artist Frida Kahlo, singer Selena Quintanilla, and American labor leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez.

She also noted that Spanish IV CP students created reports based on their study of award-winning actor, lyricist, and composter Lin Manuel Miranda. Freshmen held mock interviews of Celia Cruz and Gloria Estefan. Spanish Language and Culture students pretended to visit a Spanish-speaking country and reported on which products from that country make it unique - such as salsa and coffee.

Spanish teacher, Madeline Albrittain, explained that her Spanish 2 students created infographics on prominent figures, using the verbs ser and estar to explain their heritage. These individuals included actress Rita Moreno and writer Sandra Cisneros.

Ms. Albrittain added that Spanish 4 Honors began their unit on the Spanish Civil War and are building connections with their knowledge of World War 2. AP Spanish Language & Culture students presented on indigenous cultures in Central and South America. They learned about the struggles of local indigenous people in terms of education, land and voting rights.

The Spanish Club played Lotería, a game similar to Bingo. The Students of Color Affinity Group also created a video to mark the importance of celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Click here to view the video.

Isabel Gachko, Theology Department Chair and Associate Director of Campus Ministry - Retreats, shared that the poinsettia is native to Mexico and Central America, where it grows in moist, wet, wooded ravines and on rocky hillsides. 

Peer Ministers led morning prayer, saying our traditional prayers in Spanish. The Peer Ministry Club is also making a display of Hispanic Saints.

History of Hispanic Heritage Month

Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, by celebrating the histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

The observation started in 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week under President Lyndon Johnson and was expanded by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 to cover a 30-day period starting on September 15 and ending on October 15. It was enacted into law on August 17, 1988, on the approval of Public Law 100-402.

The day of September 15 is significant because it is the anniversary of independence for Latin American countries Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. In addition, Mexico and Chile celebrate their independence days on September 16 and September 18, respectively.


Tips for Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

To view some ideas for celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, click here.

Video Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

    • Students playing loteria or Spanish Bingo.

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