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Native American Heritage Month

2023 Native American Heritage Month Activities

Throughout November, the Peer Ministry Club has focused on honoring Indigenous Heritage Month. The students decided to research the Lenape People, as they are indigenous to New Jersey and the surrounding area. After their research, the students created posters with information about who the Lenape are, including highlights about their art and culture as well as their spirituality. 
The club also had the opportunity to hear from one of their classmates, Maya Ullrich '24, who went on a service trip this summer to Browning, Montana where she worked alongside residents of the Blackfeet Reservation. Maya shared pictures and videos of her trip and described how impactful it was to be able to engage with Indigenous speakers and celebrations firsthand. She spoke about how she came away from this trip with a deeper appreciation for the beauty of culture and history.
To learn more about Indigenous Heritage Month and the Lenape People, check out the information displayed throughout St. Joe's!
Click here to view resources gathered by Mercy Education System of the Americas for Native American Heritage Month.
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