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One-to-One Computing Initiative

Mount Saint Mary Academy began its one-to-one computing initiative in 2007 and has continued to grow and adapt the program since. Educators at the Mount believe that this technology best prepares students for today's high-tech world while also enhancing their educational experience. The classroom environment created by the initiative ensures that students with different learning styles are provided with the resources they need to most fully experience the subject matter.

All Mount students are required to use the tablet PC provided by the school in the classroom. The tablet PC combines the convenience of a laptop with the high-tech capabilities of a tablet. Students can choose between conventional typing, handwriting with the tablet's digitized stylus, or using the touch screen option. The tablet PC is lightweight and connects wirelessly to the school’s network and the Internet.

The curriculum at the Mount allows for the seamless integration of tablet PCs, making it convenient and effective for students to utilize the technology in the classroom, during study periods, and at home. All students use OneNote notebook software as their electronic notebook. Most classroom handouts are now digital so that students may import them directly into their electronic notebooks.

Many textbooks are available online or on CD, so students do not have to carry heavy, paper versions. The tablet PCs are loaded with a variety of academic software that runs the gamut from ArtRage (a digital drawing and painting program), to Geometers Sketchpad, to Logger Pro for digital science probes.