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Please note that the School Store does not have an outside door; it can only be accessed through the interior of the school. You are welcome to visit the store during the posted store hours or you may call the store manager to set up an appointment at your convenience. However, either way, you need to enter the building through the main doors and register with the security desk, who will inform the manager (or whoever is working at the store) of your presence and be issued an identification badge.

For more information call Mrs. Rebeca Trautner at 908.757.0108 ext. 4508

We are pleased to offer a product line that ranges from apparel to gifts featuring Mount-branded merchandise.

Click the links below to browse the items currently available.

Fleeces & Jackets
Little Lions
Physical Education Uniforms
Gifts, Accessories & More

All items on our site are available for pick up or mail through the USPS. Orders will only be processed on days in which school is in session.

Standard Shipping and Handling Rates are as follows:

$1-25.00: $6.95

$25.01-$50.00: $7.95

$50.01-$100.00: $8.95

$100.01-$150.00: $10.95

$150.01-$200.00: $14.95

$200.01-$300.00: $16.95

Over $300: $19.95

Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express