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On any given day, the classroom of Kathleen Brennan, Department of Mathematics chairperson, is bustling with empowering ideas, eye-opening lessons about business, finance and data analysis - all built on the credo of financial independence for young women as they prepare their pathway to personal and professional success.

That experience broadened in scope and value when, in the summer of 2018, Ms. Brennan’s classroom underwent a significant renovation to house the state-of-the-art Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab featuring four Bloomberg Terminals. These Terminals are integrated software platforms that provide financial, trading and pricing data, news, messaging, and more to leading business and financial professionals around the world.

According to Karen Calta, Assistant Directress for Academics and Faculty, Mount Saint Mary Academy was the fifth school in the New York Metropolitan area and the first all-girls school in New Jersey to offer the Lab from Bloomberg, a leading global provider of data, information and technology.

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The bloomberg terminals & Certification

The Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab enables educational support throughout the year to our students enrolled in economics classes. Mount students would be eligible to earn Bloomberg Certification by taking the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) course and may be able to apply for internships at companies which use the Terminals.

“The Bloomberg Terminals have been a feature of my AP Macroeconomics course this year and about 30 to 35 students have had access to them,” said Ms. Brennan where those students have gained an understanding of how markets work. Next year, I will teach a Business Analytics course specifically for in-depth learning about equities and fixed income securities using the Lab.”

“Those students will learn to truly understand the power of the Terminals,” she said, adding that approximately 50 students have enrolled for Business Analytics so far.

“Our parents have been very enthusiastic about having the Lab on campus and view it as a tool to help their daughters have a firm grasp on the importance of preparing for their financial futures. They have been able to have business information, information about government, and financial institutions at their fingertips while keeping up to date about news from across the world,” added Ms. Brennan.

“It can be daunting because there is so much information to take in,” she said, “it can take a while for them to learn how to use it and maximize its potential.”

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the importance of financial literacy

“I believe that all women need to be financially literate and independent and learn how to manage money. Making financial decisions is not as daunting as one might think it is, and you can understand why the Terminals are a critical piece of developing that independence and literacy,” said Ms. Brennan. “Women are typically reluctant to invest if they feel they don’t know everything about making financial decisions and using the Lab as a tool will certainly make it less daunting.”

“Having the ability to analyze information is critical, regardless of what career field you decide to pursue,” she added.

“The Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab is an essential part of the Mount’s mission to ensure that our graduates know how to manage their money and take control of their financial futures,” concluded Ms. Brennan.

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