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On any given day, the Bloomberg Lab is bustling with empowering ideas, eye-opening lessons about business, finance and data analysis - all built on the credo of financial independence for young women as they prepare their pathway to personal and professional success.

That experience broadened in scope and value when, in the summer of 2018, one of the classrooms in the Mount building underwent a significant renovation to house the state-of-the-art Financial Markets Lab featuring four Bloomberg Terminals. These Terminals are integrated software platforms that provide financial, trading and pricing data, news, messaging, and more to leading business and financial professionals around the world.  Mount Saint Mary Academy is the fifth school in the New York Metropolitan area and the first all-girls school in New Jersey to offer students the opportunity to access this cutting-edge technology.

The Bloomberg Terminals & Certification

The Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab is part of a robust curriculum in financial literacy developed by Kathleen Brennan, former Mathematics Department Chairperson. “The Bloomberg Terminals have been a feature of my Business Analytics classes and about 30 to 35 students have access to them each year. Throughout the course the students truly learn the power of the Terminals,” said Ms. Brennan where enrolled students have gained an understanding of how markets work and are eligible to earn Bloomberg Certification by taking the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) course.  Students may also be able to apply for internships at companies which use the Terminals.

“Our parents have been very enthusiastic about having the Lab on campus and view it as a tool to help their daughters gain a firm grasp on the importance of preparing for their financial futures. Students have the ability to access information on businesses, governments, and financial markets while at the same time keeping up to date on breaking news from across the world,” added Ms. Brennan.

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