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A Mount education challenges each student to develop her fullest potential in a Christian atmosphere of love and caring. Students grow in confidence and character as they prepare for college and beyond, making lasting memories and friendships along the way. Four years at the Mount inspire a lifetime of values, talents, and aspirations that forever enrich each young woman.

Mount Saint Mary Academy is an independent, Catholic school for young women that provides an exemplary college preparatory education. As a sponsored work of the Sisters of Mercy, the Mount is rooted in the values and traditions of the Venerable Catherine McAuley:

  • Commitment to academic excellence
  • Development of the whole person
  • Cultivation of individual gifts and talents
  • Fostering of leadership qualities
  • Compassion and concern for others
  • Dedication to service and the community
  • Instilling confidence, respect, and integrity

Mount Saint Mary Academy does not discriminate in its admission of students on the basis of race, color, national origin, or religion. We seek candidates who have an enthusiasm for the Mount and who, together with their parents/guardians, will support the mission of the school and understand the school's philosophy.