Summer Academy 2024

Enrichment Courses

Enrichment Courses

Mount Saint Mary's Summer Academy will include a variety of fulfilling and challenging enrichment courses which are instructed by skilled professionals who bring fun and interest to their areas of expertise. These courses are for girls entering 6th to 8th grade. Classes are 75 minutes each.

Course Descriptions

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    August 5 to 8 - Session 3

    Students will apply chemical reactions to enhance their creativity to design beautiful artistic projects. This course will combine art, scientific principles, and imagination to make some fun hands-on creations. Come put your artistic goggles and apron on and let's get to work!

    August 5 to 8 - Session 1

    Students will use their creativity and ingredients to prepare delicious edible experiments. This course will combine food and science and make some tasty delights. Please let us know if your daughter has any food allergies.

    August 5 to 8 - Session 2

    Do you think you have what it takes to make it big in investing in the stock market? Have you ever dreamt of building your own economic empire? Students will explore economic concepts such as risk analysis, entrepreneurship, finance fundamentals, and financial security as we delve into the risky business of the stock market. Students will also have an opportunity to "jump into the shark tank" and bring entrepreneurship to life by developing and pitching their own business ideas.

    August 5 to 8 - Session 4

    Have you ever wondered where hunger originates or what causes a headache? Students will explore the biological basis of various human behaviors by investigating medical and mental conditions that impact human functioning. First, students will create a candy model to explore how the neuron is the building block of the nervous system and how dysfunction can lead to conditions such as MS and ALS. Students will then create a 3D model of the brain to gain a better understanding of the various structures and functions of our central nervous system.
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