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  • The Seeds Are Planted Here

    Erika Parisse Demetrick '89, former Board of Trustee member
    The Mount provided me with the opportunity to develop a strong voice that paved the way for success in the male-dominated environment when I attended RPI. I was not intimidated to ask questions and voice my opinions. I have also applied the Mercy Core Values by serving others in the workplace, through volunteerism, and in my relationships. What you learn at Mount Saint Mary Academy is carried with you throughout your whole life. The seeds are planted here.
  • The Mount: My Ideal Place

    Melissa Ramirez '24
    I cannot fully express the tremendous amount of gratitude I have towards the Mount, giving me the opportunity to succeed academically and personally. Being into my second year of high school, I have the privilege to say that the amount, has been both a blessing and a valuable experience like no other. The unity between students, support given by faculty, and endless opportunities have shaped me to be the successful young woman I am today. I remember the moment when I was a young girl, and my parents were driving by the mount, explaining to me importance and impact this would have towards my future, and from seeing all the wonders of the mount, I fell in love.
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  • A Welcoming Academic Community to Call Home

    Olivia Encarnacion '23
    The four years spent in high school are said to be some of the most impactful, life changing, and fundamental years. When it came to picking a high school that suited me, I evaluated what environment would help me reach my ultimate potential before embarking on the rest of my life journey. While at the time this seemingly overwhelmed me, I can firmly say that the young eighth grader who was once nervous about high school made the right decision.
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  • Building a Foundation of Strong Academic Excellence and Confidence

    Mrs. Jennifer Milelli, Mother of Sofia Milelli '25 and Olivia Milelli '26
    As we came upon the high school application process with our oldest daughter Sofia, we didn’t know what to expect. We wanted her to be an integral part of the decision making. She has been in a parochial school since preschool and wanted to continue her religious learning alongside her academic education. She applied to three private catholic schools and was welcome to all, but her decision was quickly made the day she went to the open house at Mount Saint Mary Academy. 
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  • Proud to Be a Part of a Caring Community

    Mary Claire Schleck '23
    I am so grateful for all the opportunities I have had as a student at Mount Saint Mary. Between the classroom, soccer field, and basketball court, I have made some of my best memories at the Mount that I will cherish forever.
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  • The Benefits of a Mount Education Are "Immeasurable"

    Mr. Timothy Bialecki, Father of Samantha Bialecki '21
    As a parent of a very recent graduate, I would like to extend my deepest heartfelt thank you for the fabulous education that you provided to my daughter. She is doing splendidly at an academically rigorous and very selective university.
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  • The Mount Invests in a Future of Women Leaders

    Dr. Juanita J. Daly, Mother of Zoe Daly '24 and Mackenzie Daly '26
    I have always been a proponent of public school education. My mother was a school teacher and my father served on the board of education. My siblings and I were public school educated and we are all very successful in large part due to our parents’ expectations and involvement, our academic performance and extra-curricular activities. I did not seriously consider a parochial high school education for my children until they were in middle school. Being exposed to other parents who made that choice for their children and witnessing their success, my husband and I decided this was the right path for our family. We chose Mount Saint Mary Academy for these five reasons:
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  • The Mount: One of the Best Decisions I've Made

    Zoe Schack '24
    In 2019, I was an eighth-grade student, eager but unsure about the four years ahead of me. Would I be able to thrive academically? Take part in extracurriculars I felt passionate about? Make new friends? That fall, I toured Mount’s picturesque campus at the annual open house. As I heard poised, well-spoken students share the ways their high school choice changed their lives for the better, the boxes next to my three questions were checked, and I fell in love with all Mount Saint Mary had to offer.
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  • There Are Many Reasons to Choose the Mount

    Mrs. Kerry Mooney, Mother of Bridget '22 and Maeve '26
    My husband Brian and I are both the products of Catholic school education (12 and 19 years, respectively). I attended an all-girls Catholic high school and want the same wonderful experience for my daughters. Bridget attended eight years in public school...
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