The Mount: My Ideal Place

Melissa Ramirez '24
I cannot fully express the tremendous amount of gratitude I have towards the Mount, giving me the opportunity to succeed academically and personally. I have the privilege to say that the amount, has been both a blessing and a valuable experience like no other. The unity between students, support given by faculty, and endless opportunities have shaped me to be the successful young woman I am today. I remember the moment when I was a young girl, and my parents were driving by the mount, explaining to me importance and impact this would have towards my future, and from seeing all the wonders of the mount, I fell in love.

Coming into my freshman year, I was nervous about meeting new people, and the challenge of academics. but I have the opportunity to say that as of right now my journey has been memorable, like no other. Not only am I on the path of success academically, but also personally. Mount Speech and Debate Forensics Team along with many other extracurriculars has shaped me to become a direct public speaker. The rigorousness of classes has allowed me to develop the courage to overcome my fear, and the daring attitude to present my abilities. The Mount in addition, focuses on the value of closeness with God and our community. Throughout the past year, I can deeply reflect on how I have focused more on helping others out of care. Throughout life, a young woman not only needs to be prepared for their professional future, but also the spiritual connection with oneself that allows God into our hearts.

Mount Saint Mary Academy focuses on providing young girls with all the circumstances available for us to succeed and become the leaders of our new generation.
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