Students Inducted Into Honors Societies at Convocation

Michelle H. Daino
Students and their families gathered in Immaculate Conception Chapel on the evening of Wednesday, April 17, for Honors Convocation. During the program, students were inducted into the Art Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, National Computer Science Honor Society, English Honor Society, Mathematics Honor Society, Science Honor Society, World Language Honor Societies (Italian, Spanish, Latin), National Honor Society, and The Cum Laude Society.
S. Lisa D. Gambacorto, RSM, Ed.S., Directress, stated, "As honorees, appreciate your gifts. Accept your limitations, but most especially enjoy the journey that comes with success, and never be afraid to try because you think you might fail. Fulfillment and happiness will not be defined according to how many achievements, certificates, pins and trophies you have received. It comes from an honest belief in yourself. It comes from failing, learning, and trying again, knowing who you are, finding your passion and purpose, believing that we are all loved by our creator and we are "enough," and we have done our best. Stay thirsty for knowledge and work on your ability to adapt to new situations and embrace opportunities."
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