New Cum Laude Society Members Announced

Michelle H. Daino
Elizabeth Roper, Director of College Counseling at Mount Saint Mary Academy, announced the names of six students who have been initially invited into the Academy’s Cum Laude Society for the 2022-2023 academic year.
“The Cum Laude Society is a fellowship of scholars whose purpose is to recognize excellence in academic work,” she said. “The society was founded in 1906 and the Mount Saint Mary Academy chapter was established in 1956.”
In accordance with the National Directives and based on the students’ cumulative GPA at the end of junior year, it is with great pleasure to announce the following members of the Class of 2023’s invitation to the Cum Laude Society: Brenna Watkins '23Mary Claire Schleck '23Giuliana Pelcher '23Charlotte Gray '23Phoebe Costalos '23, and Madeleine Ahlbeck '23.
"When I see the names of these young women, I have great hope for a better and more compassionate world," said S. Lisa D. Gambacorto, RSM, Ed.S., Directress. 

Pictured, left to right, are: back row - Eileen Honicky (College Counseling Assistant); Elizabeth Roper (Director of College Counseling/AP Coordinator); Phoebe Costalos '23, Mary Claire Schleck '23; Charlotte Gray '23; Jacqueline Muratore (Assistant Directress for Faculty, Curriculum, and Planning); and front row - Madeleine Ahlbeck '23; Giuliana Pelcher '23; and Brenna Watkins '23.
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