May Crowning Liturgy and Grandparents Tea for Seniors Held

Michelle H. Daino
Grandparents of the our Class of 2022 seniors gathered in Immaculate Conception Chapel this afternoon to celebrate the May Crowning during a Liturgy celebrated by Bishop Paul Bootkoski of the Diocese of Metuchen. 
After the Bishop blessed the grandparents, Mei Chiang '22 offered a special reflection. She said that we are called to honor the Blessed Mother because her values of patience, courage and humility are qualities that we should emulate and that, as Jesus' mother, we are reminded of her selflessness and compassion.
Diana Neste '22 served as Flower Bearer and Claire King '22 served as Crown Bearer as the statue of the Blessed Mother was adorned.
Following the Liturgy, grandparents and their granddaughters enjoyed a special Tea held in their honor in the Sister Lisa Gambacorto Theater. 
In her welcoming comments to the grandparents, S. Lisa Gambacorto, RSM, Ed.S., Directress, stated, "I have heard it said that God needed a little help spreading love on this earth so grandparents were created. Your presence makes the world a little softer, a little warmer, and a little brighter."
She continued, "Sometimes, it may be difficult for your granddaughters to put into words the deep gratitude and heartfelt love they feel when they think of you. Whether they tell you or not, your granddaughters are very proud of you and the memories that you have created will remain in their hearts for the rest of their lives -- including a day like today -- a special time in the Church's calendar when we celebrate Mary, the Mother of God."
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