The Mount Changed Everything for Me

Jessica Curran '25
My years at the Mount have truly been the best of my life. Before I began my journey at the Academy, I was always the girl who dreaded school. I walked into middle school every day with a knot in my stomach and my head held low. I was constantly scared to see what the day had in store for me. I had accepted this anxiety and shyness as part of my identity. It was the part I hated the most. But the Mount changed everything for me. 
Going into the Mount, I did not know a soul, but throughout my experience I have formed unbreakable bonds with the best girls I have ever met; girls who I am proud to call my Mount sisters. Though it is impossible to be best friends with everyone, there is an incredible sense of sisterhood among the entire student body. The bond is an unbelievable blessing that is hard to describe through words, but has uplifted and supported me, helping me seamlessly transition from an anxiously shy girl to a confidently outgoing woman who is eager to use her voice.

The amazing teachers at the Mount make a tireless effort to incorporate this theme of woman empowerment into their classrooms, and never stop pushing their students into reaching their full potential. Through this, it is shown that each teacher at the Mount has the same goal: for their students to succeed. The words, actions, support, and world views of my peers and teachers inspire me to become a better person and do good in the world, all while helping me to discover my passions, which can easily be done by becoming involved in some of the endless clubs, activities, and opportunities that the Mount provides.

The Mount offers so much to its students, but most importantly it has filled me with confidence, happiness, and a love for life, myself, and others. Now, every day, I proudly walk into school with a smile on my face, excited to see what the day has in store. 
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