Respectful, Strong and Independent Women

Lesley Anne and Garrett Ferris, Mother of Margaret '22 and Katherine '24
My family has had the privilege of being part of the Mount community for six years. Our daughter, Margaret, is a Class of 2022 graduate who currently attends the University of Notre Dame. In my heart, I can say with conviction that had it not been for the incredible guidance of Administration and the stellar faculty at Mount, Margaret would not be there today. At college, she is very involved in student life and attributes this to her time at Mount.
Our younger daughter, Katie, will graduate in 2024 and I feel Mount has had the greatest impact on her. Her confidence has steadily grown and she is benefiting from a same-sex education.
One of advantages of Mount is the ability for your daughter to become involved in clubs and activities they might not normally try in a large school setting.  Both our girls were part of the Mount swim team and Katie has been a part of both the winning Euro and Fed challenge teams.
The Mount has been an integral part of raising our daughters to become respectful, strong and independent women. There is no price tag you can place on that.
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