The Mount Invests in a Future of Women Leaders

Dr. Juanita J. Daly, Mother of Zoe Daly '24 and Mackenzie Daly '26
I have always been a proponent of public school education. My mother was a school teacher and my father served on the board of education. My siblings and I were public school educated and we are all very successful in large part due to our parents’ expectations and involvement, our academic performance and extra-curricular activities. I did not seriously consider a parochial high school education for my children until they were in middle school. Being exposed to other parents who made that choice for their children and witnessing their success, my husband and I decided this was the right path for our family. 

We chose Mount Saint Mary Academy for these five reasons:
  1. Faith based:  Although we are not Catholic their principles support our Christian beliefs. At such a critical time in my daughters’ lives I want the tenets of our faith reinforced, impossible to do in a public school.
  2. Female only:  I wanted my daughter’s to be in an environment where I knew they would thrive. I have already seen evidence of this in Zoe with her increase of confidence and adventurism to try new activities.
  3. Rigorous academics: I wanted my daughters to be challenged, have their critical thinking and analytical skills strengthened, and exposed to new educational experiences.
  4. Supportive atmosphere:  My daughters are names and not numbers and the smaller classroom sizes ensured more individual attention. I sensed a sisterhood among the young women who graced the halls and there was also something so peaceful about being on campus.
  5. Sister Lisa D. Gambacorto, RSM, Ed.S., Directress: I love her tenacity! I think her attitude and approach serves as an example to the students who will find themselves in challenging situations.
We entered the Mount during a tumultuous time in our nation. Being people of color, we looked at the diversity of the school and the efforts being made to make the Mount a more inclusive place. We applaud what has happened thus far and have committed to being part of the progress by serving on the Mercy Guild and the Father’s Club. We know representation matters, and we have felt welcomed and valued.

Developing women leaders is near and dear to my heart: it is part of my work as a coach and trainer, volunteering, and my call as a mother, aunt, mentor, and community leader. I have experienced and witnessed the power of investing in the next generation of women leaders…I am here for it, and I am so glad my daughters’ journey include Mount Saint Mary Academy. 
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