At Mount Saint Mary Academy, Our Daughters Develop the Skills to Contribute Meaningfully and Acquire the Practical Tools for Landing a Seat at the Table within the Highest Ranks of Their Passion

By Mrs. Cecilia Fontana, Mother of Natalie '20 and Julianne '22
Having only experienced public school education up through Middle School created some anxiety when deciding to venture out to the private/parochial school sector. However, after my family started to gain an initial understanding as to how parochial schools operate and the different ways in which they approach education, we became intrigued.

I have found that at Mount Saint Mary Academy, there isn't the requirement to address every social ill that young adolescents encounter so, as a result, more time can be spent on academics. The Mount has a much different method to address education because they see our girls as spiritual beings, that if nurtured property, most - if not all - the challenges in their world they face during this time of growth can be confidently faced and conquered and that this will be an asset for the future. These challenges include approaching the tough curriculum by improving your own skill sets to overcome obstacles, dealing with friends and boys, and handling all of the outside pressures by reaching within yourself and finding your spiritual being. My older daughter has grown into an extremely mature and confident young lady. I truly believe this has come about due to her experience at the Mount.

The atmosphere that surrounds the girls at the Mount is much different and it starts on Day 1. My younger daughter, who just finished her freshman year in June 2019, wanted to attend our local, public high school because she wanted to go to school with her friends from Middle School. My husband and I explained to her that we would like her to give the Mount a try if she could get accepted and that if she was not happy after one year, we would move her to the public high school. She agreed, and on her first day, she made friends with a girl who is now one of her best friends. They had navigated the large expanse of buildings together, and in doing so, formed a bond immediately. Months later, as I proceeded to enroll her for sophomore year, I had a glitch with my computer and had to enter her enrollment contract later than the deadline. When I explained this to my daughter, her face turned bright red and she almost cried thinking that she wouldn't be able to attend the Mount because I missed the deadline.

Her overall attitude improvement on so many levels in just one year has made me and my family fall deeper in love with the Mount, which is hard to imagine as we already loved the school from our older daughter's experience.

I truly cannot tell anyone that your daughter will have a very good education and nice experience at the Mount, but I can tell you that your daughter will have a SUPERB education as they will be experiencing an all-encompassing education. It will be something special beyond what you are most likely thinking when you first arrive at the Mount for Open House.
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