Faculty/Staff Inspired During Spirituality Day

Michelle H. Daino
Every year, faculty and staff members enjoy the opportunity to find fulfillment and inspiration during Spirituality Day. This year, Father Kevin Nadolski, an oblate of St. Frances de Sales, spoke on the theme, "The Hands of God: Personal and Communal Prayer."
Father Nadolski's presentation invited faculty/staff to focus on the idea of how we personally feel connected to God, and how we can be God's hands to the people around us. He reminded us to "Bloom Where We Are Planted."
"We don't choose to get planted or where we are planted, but we are all here because of the grace of God. We are called to make the most of what we have in this garden where we are planted," he said. "In a garden, we know that there are annuals and perennials. But, we are 'eternals' - we live forever."
There was time for reflection, journaling, prayerful walking, meditation, and small table discussion. Faculty/staff were also invited to walk the labyrinth before attending Mass with Father Nadolski in the Immaculate Conception Chapel. A special part of the Mass occurred when Father Nadolski invited the faculty/staff to encircle the altar and join in prayer (see photo above by Jacqueline Muratore, Assistant Directress for Faculty, Curriculum, and Planning).
The day was capped off with a delicious and festive luncheon of appreciation, hosted by the Mount Saint Mary Academy Mercy Guild in the Student Center.
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