AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award Granted to MSMA

Michelle H. Daino
Mount Saint Mary Academy has earned the College Board’s 2023 AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award for expanding young women’s access to AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles (CSP). The Academy has been recognized by the College Board for its excellence in educating young women in AP Computer Science since 2018.
This prestigious designation acknowledges 1,100 schools for their work toward equal gender representation during the 2022-2023 school year. Mount Saint Mary is one of only 68 schools to be recognized for achieving this important result in both AP Computer Science courses.
“I love the AP Computer Science class at Mount, said Ellie Baglien ‘25. “It has provided me with an opportunity to explore coding and learn about technology and is a class I can always look forward to. AP Computer Science has also led me to consider a potential career path in fields related to technology and coding.”
"The AP Computer science classes at the Mount have been some of the best classes I've taken," shared Zoe Tseng '25. "I have learned a vast amount of computer science concepts that are applicable to many real-world situations. I always enjoy going to class and learning more about coding!"
Jacqueline Muratore, Assistant Directress for Faculty, Curriculum and Planning and a 2001 graduate of the Mount, said, “I am thrilled that our Computer Science Department has been working to provide even more opportunities for our students to learn about coding, problem-solving with technology, and digital design. Each academic year we continue to expand our curriculum and build student enrollment in Computer Science and Technology courses. We hope to empower our students with analytical skills and help them to grow as leaders in these fields.”
Stephen Muratore, Computer Science Department Chairperson, stated, “Empowering young women in computer science not only unlocks their potential but is an investment in their future. These students have limitless possibilities throughout the ever-changing world of technology. Keep coding, keep inspiring, and keep making us proud, Mounties!”
“Computer science is the source code of our economy and much of the career landscape,” remarked Trevor Packer, Head of the AP Program. “In the six years since we began the AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award, it’s been heartening to see schools like Mount Saint Mary Academy welcome so many more young women into this vital field.”
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