Convocation Ushers in 2023-2024 School Year

Michelle H. Daino
Following the traditional "clapping in" of the Class of 2027 from the Mount Building to Immaculate Conception Chapel, the school year was officially ushered in at Convocation.
Jacqueline Muratore (Assistant Directress for Faculty, Curriculum, and Planning) extended a warm welcome to students before introducing new faculty/staff members. Peer Ministers shared the Mercy Core Values and reminded the school community to do all things with mercy in mind throughout the year. After the recitation of the Suscipe of Catherine McAuley, a special speech was read by Sister Lisa D. Gambacorto, RSM, Ed.S. (Directress).
"It is exciting when you think about beginning the next chapter of your life, which means a lot of new matter what grade you are in," said Sister Lisa, who begins her 24th year as Directress. "We can't start a new chapter if we keep reading an old one. I encourage you to turn the page and start your new chapter!"
Sister Lisa urged the students to study daily, to keep their teachers posted about their work and progress, to "be a builder, not a critic," to practice kindness and not bullying, to be true to themselves, to take care of their minds and bodies, and to "Be good, do good, and be a power for good."
"I pray that each of you have a happy, healthy, and productive school year," she said. "And I ask for you to pray for me. Let us remember...we are...and always will be MOUNT PACK!"
Before the conclusion of Convocation, members of the Student Council Executive Board introduced themselves and shared details about this year's Mercy Girl Effect - "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work," and the community sang the Alma Mater. Please click here to view a copy of the plans for this year's Mercy Girl Effect project.
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