Fifty-Two Mount Students Named AP Scholars; Alumnae Share AP Success

Michelle H. Daino
Mount Saint Mary Academy is pleased to congratulate the 52 students recognized by the College Board as AP Scholars with an average score of 3.94. After taking the 2023 AP Exams, 21 students were named as AP Scholars with Distinction, 13 students were named as AP Scholars with Honors and 18 students were named as AP Scholars.

The College Board recognizes AP Scholars with Distinction as those students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on five or more exams. Students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on four or more exams are recognized as AP Scholars with Honors. AP Scholars are those students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams.

Jacqueline Muratore, Assistant Directress for Faculty, Curriculum, and Planning, stated, “Congratulations to our students for their success on the AP Exams! Their exceptional dedication to their coursework here at Mount Saint Mary Academy has brought forth excellent results. We also want to congratulate our outstanding teachers, whose commitment and expertise continue to play a crucial role in shaping the success of our students. We are so proud of our students who have received the AP Scholar recognition and the extraordinary efforts made by all students and AP teachers this past year.”
“Throughout my past two years at Mount, the teachers have gone above and beyond to prepare me well for my AP exams and make sure I had the knowledge I needed to succeed,” said Giuliana Pelcher '23. “I felt very confident in my abilities after all the preparation throughout the year and I was able to do well on my exams. The AP Program at Mount will continue to help me beyond graduation as I embark on my college classes and career.” Giuliana is a Bachelors/MD program candidate at Seton Hall University.

Giuliana’s classmate, Taryn Murphy '23, added, "Taking AP courses throughout my time at Mount has thoroughly prepared me for all of the academic challenges that college may bring. While taking time to explore the subjects I am passionate about in-depth, I gained a head-start on university-level writing and critical thinking, which has helped me greatly throughout my time as a student and the college admissions process.”

“My favorites over the past four years have definitely been AP Comparative Government, AP English Language, and AP Macroeconomics,” she said. “In college (University of Chicago), I look forward to expanding my knowledge in government, economics, and the humanities, and I am confident that my time at Mount has given me a strong foundation for tackling the rigor of college-level coursework." 

Grace Brautigan '22 stated, “I had the opportunity to take AP Psychology in my senior year at the Mount. With my interest in education, I was able to learn more about human development, behavior, emotion, and motivation in this AP course. The more challenging and in-depth study allowed me to be better prepared and confident when I entered college. I’m glad Mount offered this opportunity and supported me in taking an AP course.” Grace is continuing her studies at Loyola University Maryland.

“The Mount’s AP program allowed me not only to engage in a new level of academics, but to plan and prepare for my future course of study,” said Emerson Sheehan '23. “The excellent preparation I received for the AP Italian exam, for example, has guided my decision to pursue a minor in the language, confident that I am prepared for higher level courses. The individualized guidance of each of my AP teachers and the level of dedication they brought to their classes was invaluable in shaping my academic journey and determining my future goals.” Emerson is pursuing her studies at Villanova University.
Sidra Al-Ktaish '22, who is studying at University of Miami, noted, “I was determined to take AP classes, a goal I set as an entering freshman student to the Mount. It was fulfilling to engage in AP coursework, with additional expectations and enlivened discussions with teachers and classmates. I am particularly proud of being successful in both AP English Language & Composition and AP Government and Politics, as I am interested in pursuing a career in the law field and an immigrant who only started learning English at 8 years old. Taking AP courses in English, social sciences, science, and math subjects allowed me to further enhance my knowledge and to be better prepared and confident for college level work at the University of Miami.
“Being in the AP program has equipped me with rigorous academic challenges, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills necessary for success in college and beyond,” shared Kayla Barreto '22. “The program’s demanding curriculum pushed me to think critically, solve problems creatively, and to communicate with my peers, all of which are vital skills for success in higher education and professional endeavors. Furthermore, the AP program's college-level coursework has granted me a solid foundation in various subjects, empowering me to pursue my chosen career path with confidence.” Kayla is continuing her studies at Fairfield University.
Charlotte Gray '23, Valedictorian, stated, “The Mount’s AP program has offered a setting where our minds are challenged, and we are encouraged to venture into different areas of study. Classes like AP Biology solidified my love for medicine and motivated me to pursue this area of study in college. My AP Government courses with Mrs. Cadigan kept me informed with international and domestic current events while challenging me to think critically. Through the guidance of my AP teachers and the excellent curriculum in Mount AP courses, I feel extremely prepared for the workload and academic rigor in college and my future career.” Charlotte will begin her studies at University of Notre Dame in the fall.
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