Marian Senior's 25-Year Legacy at the Mount

Michelle H. Daino
Calling her 25 years at Mount Saint Mary Academy years that have shaped her life, Spanish teacher Marian Senior said, “I have been blessed with the opportunity to interact with some of the most incredible young women on the planet.”

She added, “Unknowingly I have impacted their lives in one way or the other and every ever so often I will see a post or receive a message from one of them reminding me of something that I said or did whether in or outside of class that affected them in a positive way.”

One tradition that Ms. Senior has always cherished and looked forward to is the singing of “Hail Mary, Full of Grace” during the May Crowning Liturgy. She said the lyrics and music will remain part of the landscape of her life.

Ms. Senior also called moderating the Forensics team a “remarkable experience.”

“It not only gave me the opportunity to interact with students that I did not teach, but I was able to witness young women who dared to try public speaking, blossom, and develop poise and self-confidence that they thought they didn’t possess,” she reflected.

When considering her legacy at the Mount, Ms. Senior said, “I would like to be thought of as someone who is striving to attain the ideals on which this noble institution is built.”

Retirement Plans: “Right now the only thing I have planned is fun on the North Coast in Jamaica over the summer. From there I’m taking one step at a time.”
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