Euro Challenge Team Captures First-Place Victory

Michelle H. Daino
For the second year in a row, the Mount Saint Mary Academy Euro Challenge team has taken home the first-place trophy! Among some very tough competition, the team excelled at explaining the current economic conditions in Europe and answered some very tough questions on the future of work in Italy. The team includes sophomores Katherine Byrne '25, Madison DeFrancisco '25, Mary Cate King '25, Megan Quraishi '25, Grace Puglisi '25, Manuela Roncancio-Roldan '25, and Jenny Zhu '25.
Kathleen Brennan, Mathematics Department Chairperson and Euro Challenge Team Advisor, stated, "I am so proud of this year's Euro Challenge team. Their win can be attributed to incredible teamwork, a deep knowledge of economics, and their ability to answer some very challenging questions from a panel of economists."
She added, "Next month, they will travel to the Italian Embassy in Washington DC to present their analysis on the future of work and productivity in Italy. What an amazing accomplishment for 10th graders!"
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