S. Lisa Receives Proclamation from Watchung Mayor, Council

Michelle H. Daino
On the evening of March 27, our Directress S. Lisa D. Gambacorto, RSM, Ed.S., was honored at the borough's first Women In Business of Watchung ceremony. She was among three other honorees to receive proclamations and to be lauded as outstanding contributors to the borough's business presence, especially during Women's History Month.
Watchung Councilwoman Sonia Abi-Habib, who initiated and organized the event, underlined the importance of advocating leaders who inspire and advance our young women of tomorrow, who set examples for other women and for our daughters. 
After Councilwoman Abi-Habib read Sister Lisa's bio, Watchung Mayor Dr. Ronald Jubin presented a proclamation and a bouquet of flowers to Sister Lisa.
"Mount Saint Mary Academy has enjoyed a very special relationship with the borough since it was founded," said Sister Lisa. "We are proud to educated young women in the name of the Sisters of Mercy for almost 115 years. Our goal is simple yet profound - to empower each student to use their gifts and talents to make our world a better place to live for all people. As the ninth Directress/Head of School, I stand on the shoulders of Sisters who, in 1906, began carrying stone up our mountain to build our school."
Sister Lisa said that she was humbled to stand with the other honorees who included attorney Jeralyn Lawrence, Anita Nappa (dispatcher for the Watchung Police Department), and Marianne Candiloros (a certified court reporter).
"Thank you so much for this honor. I accept it on behalf of all our graduates and students who are taught to live lives of justice, integrity, compassion, service, and dignity. I am thrilled to accept this award in the name of the Academy (I always wanted to say that phrase - thanks for giving me the opportunity.) God bless you."
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