Rutgers-RWJ Medical School Welcomes Mounties

Michelle H. Daino
On Friday, February 3, members of the Future Medical Professionals Club at Mount Saint Mary Academy in Watchung visited the Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School anatomy lab.
“One of my favorite subjects is human anatomy and physiology,” said Dena Mistichelli '23. “At the Rutgers Medical School Cadaver Lab, I was able to see and feel up close many of the organ systems I studied in class. This was such an invaluable way to experience human anatomy. I was fascinated to see a brain and attached spinal cord: the control center of our whole body exposed! I felt the weight of a human heart, palpated the spongy kidneys, and marveled at the length of the intestines.”
“The students who directed the program asked a multitude of questions about the human body and I was able to put my Mount education into action,” she continued. “I was so proud of myself and my classmates who were able to successfully answer many of the questions correctly. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. I am more certain than ever that I want a career in the medical field!”
“Our trip was truly educational and insightful,” shared Jordyn Collie '23. “Learning about the human body using a human cadaver led through medical-student guided presentations was exciting. I realized that the high caliber education that I received from Dr. Michael Bernard at the Mount is identical to the knowledge of a medical student. I was able to keep up in conversation that covered the various parts of the body and talk about lab dissections that I had the opportunity to do because of Dr. Bernard.”
“We rotated around the lab to cadaver stations where medical students gave hands-on presentations,” she continued. “We saw stations with heart and lungs; stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and kidney; muscles and bones of the extremities; bladder, uterus, and ovaries; and spinal cord and brain. The medical students guided us through the anatomy and gave us opportunities to see and feel various organs and tissues.”
Melissa Ramirez '24 added, “Breathtaking. The Rutgers Medical School provided students with the opportunity to explore the human body in a unique and sensational way. Regarding my interest in pursuing my future profession within the medical field as a cardiothoracic surgeon, I was presented with the opportunity to face a human cadaver.”
“However, most importantly was what it felt like to learn a tremendous amount of information from the medical students,” she said. “As I was in the lab with the students, when I passed a human heart, I felt a surge of curiosity and ambition to reach my professional goal. I strongly encourage all students to attend this trip in the future.”
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