Dena Mistichelli '23 Attends Wake Forest Immersion Program

Michelle H. Daino
Dena Mistichelli '23, a senior at the Mount, participated in the Summer Immersion Program at Wake Forest University from July 17 to 22.

“The subject of my program was neuroscience and I attending it along with 20 students from various states,” explained the Watchung resident. “Some of the program's highlights included dissecting a sheep brain, traveling to the medical school facilities to learn about non-human primates, participating in various labs, presenting my final project about deja vu and memory, and learning from panelists and guest speakers.”

She continued, “My favorite part of the program was partaking in a sense and perception lab. In this lab, we took an enzyme tablet that made sour things taste sweet and sweet things taste sour. We were then given lemons, which tasted delicious! This lab taught me more about my senses in a fun way.”

“For the last few years, I have had a strong interest in neuroscience, which combines the study of the mind and body,” said Dena. “This course only piqued my interest more and I plan on pursuing neuroscience in college. As a member of the Future Medical Leaders Club at Mount Saint Mary and my local town rescue squad, I feel excited about a future career in the medical field. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend classes at such a wonderful university even if it was for a short time!” 
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