Gabriella Robinson '22 Garners Girl Scouts Gold Award

Michelle H. Daino
Gabriella Robinson '22 has earned her Gold Award after completing over 80 hours of community service in partnership with the Lower Raritan Partnership, the 4H Club, Jack and Jill of America, the Central NJ chapter, and the township of Piscataway and Middlesex County.
The nature of the Gold Award, which is presented to fewer than 6 percent of Girl Scouts annually, is to bring awareness to the water pollution of the Raritan River. Go Green Central New Jersey's goal is to protect the Raritan River Watershed and educate residents about the importance of environment at Raritan via cleanups and I created a rain garden in Columbus Park in Piscataway.
Gabriella faced a great deal of adversity to accomplish Gold Award distinction. Working on the award since 2019, she worked throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Hurricane Ida nearly curtailed her plans and she had to move the location, with the aid of the township of Piscataway, because the original location was flooded because of Ida.
“This award is important because it shows not only the importance of each of us helping the environment but why community partners are so important,” explained Gabriella, who appreciated the hard work, time, and dedication that it took to accomplish this distinction. “I couldn’t have completed this project without their help and my advisor, Walter Andrews, who is a member of the Franklin Township Environmental Commission of Somerset County.”
Gabriella will attend Seton Hall University in the School of Diplomacy and International Affairs where she hopes to make a difference on the global scale. She will receive her award during the spring at the 2022 GIRL Awards Ceremony.
To view a video featuring the rain garden and Gabriella speaking about her project, click here:
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