Author Adriana Trigiani Shares Creative Writing Process

Michelle H. Daino
Adriana Trigiani, the author of 18 bestsellers including fiction and non-fiction, joined Mount Saint Mary Academy students in a virtual question and answer session where she imparted her wisdom about the creative writing process. The event was organized by World Language Department Chairperson, Teresa Sengel.
Ms. Trigiani’s nine-hour writing process includes walking around, contemplating, creating outlines, and then finally getting her ideas in a story format.
When she was asked about what inspires her to write, she said, “Everything is spiritual. What we do in life comes from a place of longing and need.” She encouraged the students to ask themselves what their mission is as a writer – “Is it money? Is it a deeper truth? Is it spiritual?”
“As an artist, you are constantly questioning,” added Ms. Trigiani. “Your spiritual life becomes a platform for everything…conflicts, characters, emotions. Ask yourself, ‘What brings out the best you?’ As young women and women, we try to figure that out our whole lives. You are never going to be misled by your subconscious because that is your soul – that is God in you.”
“The world of writing is two-fold. There is the artist side and the business side. You have to be good at both,” said Ms. Trigiani, sharing that her creative process is subconscious, and she often finds herself developing storylines and characters when she sleeps.
“I am inspired by the spiritual nature of life,” she shared, adding that she enjoys learning about the learning process and inspiration that motivates her fellow authors like Mitch Albom whom she interviewed on her Facebook Live page. Over 300 interviews or “conversations” which she conducts every other Tuesday are archived on her page.
Ms. Trigiani also recommended that students gauge their interest in writing by dabbling in journalism because it sparks a curiosity for the truth.
In her thank-you note to Ms. Trigiani, Mrs. Sengel wrote, "You were exciting, informative, warm, and deeply concerned about the education of women. We loved meeting with you virtually today and are profoundly grateful for your time. The students who participated have been coming by to tell me what they loved most, and some of what you said which inspired them." 
Emerson Sheehan '23 said, "It was very enlightening listening to someone as successful as Ms. Trigiani describe her creative process because the advice she gave could be applied to my own life as well. I loved her message about the connection between creativity and spirituality, and the potential we all have to be our most creative selves."
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