Mount Rocks It With Socks!

Michelle H. Daino
The members of the H.O.P.E. Club extend a huge THANK YOU to all who helped us reach beyond our goal in this year’s Sock It to ‘Em Drive. A total of 500 pair of socks, ski socks, knee socks, athletic socks, kids’ socks, holiday socks, all warm and cozy varieties for the personnel of Elijah’s Promise in New Brunswick to share with the clients of their Soup Kitchen. We are overwhelmed with the generosity of this giving MOUNT community! Thank you again for answering our request and helping gift them this special season of Thanksgiving.
Pictured, left to right, are: (front row) Julia Pierce (Enrollment Management Associate), Jerrine George '22, Sidra Al-Ktaish '22, Giuliana Pelcher '23, and (back row) Nicole Parisi '24, Kelsie Neidenbach '23, Payton Kochanski '23, and Donna Toryak (Director of Enrollment Management and H.O.P.E. Club Advisor). Sidra, Giuliana, Jerrine, and Payton represent the H.O.P.E. Club Leadership Team.
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