Mounties Earn UN Community Service Awards

Gabriella Robinson '22 and Grace Glynn '23 are being recognized for community service as United Nations National Community Service Award winners. Gabriella is a Merit Awardee (20+ hours of service) and Grace is an Ambassador Awardee (100+ hours of service). These 4th Annual National Community Service Awards connect student service activity to the UN Global Goals. This year, there is additional recognition for students working toward a world of Zero Hunger and Zero Waste. Student volunteers at the Mount have invested 128+ hours in community needs with the most student effort for Good Health & Well-Being. Gabriella and Grace will receive Student Award Packets with certificates in the mail.
Gabriella said, "I am happy to receive this award! I have been working on my project for about two to three years (2018-2019 to now) and joined local cleanups, organized cleanups, and participated in discussions on environmental racism and how it connects to water pollution. Through these activities, I have learned more about what we can do to lower water pollution and bring awareness to others. I hope to continue helping others with my project to prevent water pollution!"
Grace added, "The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice."
"Since the first grade, I’ve contributed to my community as a Girl Scout. During this past year’s pandemic, I worked with local businesses to create short videos that were posted on their township’s website and shared on their social media. From these business owners, I learned how important perseverance is in the face of adversity.
"As a member of the Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity Youth Leadership Council, I helped with fundraising, construction projects, and being an advocate for affordable housing. I’m establishing a Habitat chapter at the Mount next year and can’t wait to involve my fellow Mounties. I’m especially proud of the work that I have done for the environment. As part of a statewide water quality study, I took samples to analyze the impact of road salt on water quality," said Grace. "I also joined a local nonprofit where I planted trees and shrubs in a floodplain to help reduce flooding. As a result, I was able to get a summer internship working on a storm water management project to help reduce pollutants in the streams and reduce incidents of local flooding. I also assisted at my local library creating online content and Grab-and-Go crafts so kids could remain connected to the library during the pandemic; and performed special projects for an assisted living facility and a soup kitchen."
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