Mount Saint Mary Academy: The Right Foundation for High School Women Today

Mrs. Daria MacDonald, Mother of Erica '19 and Julia '16
The high school years are challenging and formative years for any teen. Finding the right school for your child during this time is as important as any decision you will make in this stage of their life. What parent doesn’t want their child be in an environment where they can grow, find fulfillment and be happy? Mount Saint Mary Academy (MSMA) provides young women a place where this can happen and so much more.

When considering high schools for our daughters, we researched the options much like you would when considering a college choice: what size is the school, where is it located, what is the student body like, what is the ratio of faculty to student, what is its academic success, what extra-curricular opportunities are available. After reviewing public and private options, and going through the rigors of visits, orientations, and varied admissions processes, we chose MSMA for our daughters and could not have been happier with that choice.

MSMA has not only provided a superior academic experience for our girls as a leading, accredited college prepatory school, but it has become a second home to our daughters. Here, they have been encouraged to stretch themselves to their fullest potential with the help of a dedicated, caring, and engaged faculty and staff that take personal interest in each student. Our daughters have been challenged to identify and pursue their passions and interests --academically, artistically, athletically, and socially. And, they have been instructed to seek opportunities where they can actualize these interests into life building experiences -whether it be through a course of study, a club, a team or an activity.

But particularly important at MSMA is the emphasis on developing the whole person. As an independent, all-girls Catholic school, young women grow and perform in an environment where they can be authentic and themselves without undue judgement or criticism. In addition to focusing on the traditional aspects of high school life, our girls have been encouraged to develop their spiritual life as well – not only as an academic exercise, but through service opportunities where they are able to put their belief system into practice. They are taught to look beyond their days on the Hill and their life at home, to the communities in which they live and to the world that they will embrace as they move into adulthood. They have learned to both lead and follow – to handle successes and adversity – to find their voice and to be heard – and to hear and respond to the call of others seeking assistance with action.

We have witnessed the growth and development of our daughters as confident, independent, intelligent, accomplished, enthusiastic, caring women. And, we have seen the foundation and tools provided by MSMA put to use in mastering education at the high school level and into college. We would recommend MSMA to any young woman who seeks a high school experience that provides the opportunities to learn and grow as an individual, as a student, as a member of many communities and as a woman of spiritual strength and integrity. We need such women in our world today and we are confident that Mount Saint Mary Academy succeeds in fostering these women. We know because they have done just that for us.
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