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Opportunities for Planned Giving

Your will is your final chance to leave your legacy of generosity. The people and causes that you remember will have a lasting effect on generations to come.

A document of such importance deserves careful preparation with a look towards final goals and objectives. Planning is needed to achieve optimum benefit from the assets of your estate. One of the benefits of estate planning is that you have the opportunity to specify how your assets will be distributed. Your wishes for your loved ones and the charitable organizations that are meaningful to you are unique and a valid will makes sure these wishes are carried out exactly to your specification.

You may have items of tangible personal property, for example, that you wish to transfer to a specific beneficiary. Your will can accomplish this transfer. As you know your beneficiaries best, your will can reflect provisions made based on their specific needs and your desire.

Your will is a very powerful instrument. It needs to be thoughtfully drafted so that it provides peace of mind for you and your beneficiaries.

Please let us know if you have already mentioned Mount Saint Mary Academy in your will so that we may thank you and welcome you into the Heritage Society.