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Fathers Club Polar Plunge

Mount Saint Mary Academy's Polar Plunge Freezin' For a Reason

On Sunday, January 27, at 1 pm in Sea Bright across from Tommy's Tavern and Tap, members of the Mount Saint Mary Academy Fathers Club - Chris Klemm, Matt Beveridge, and Tim Bialecki - will participate in the 9th Annual Ancient Order of Hiberians Polar Plunge to support Catholic Schools Week and Mount Saint Mary Academy.

You are invited to support this event in two ways:

Challenge #1 -

Come out and take the plunge with us to show your dedication to the Mount by diving into really cold water! There is a $25 registration fee to take the plunge. Our challenge is to have at least another 10 people in the water with us. Don't want to take the plunge? At least come down for a day of fun and watch us take the plunge!

Challenge #2 -

Support the plunge with sponsorship pledges. Donate as much or as little as you like. 100% of the money raised goes directly to the Mount! The following incentives are offered:

  • $500 of pledge money, they will be in the water up to their knees
  • $1,000 of pledge money, they are in, full body under water
  • $5,000 of pledge money and the challenge is done in Speedos
  • Donation sponsorships:
    • Breaking the Ice Sponsorship - $10
    • Taking the Plunge Sponsorship - $25
    • Mount Lions in Ice Sponsorship - $50
    • Grin and Polar Bear It Sponsorship - $100
    • Mount Lion Gold Circle Sponsorship - $250
    Due to the short time-frame, we are taking pledges for your support. Please complete the form below. Checks may also be sent to the Mount before and after the event.

For more information about the Polar Plunge, "Freezin' for a Reason," please contact Chris Klemm at

Click here for more information about the plunge.

Freezin' For A Reason