Junior Ring Mass: Together We Shine!

Michelle H. Daino
A special rite of passage and symbol of Mount sisterhood occurred on Wednesday morning in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception as juniors received their class rings during a special Mass led by Monsignor William Benwell.
In her remarks, Sister Lisa D. Gambacorto, RSM, Ed.S., Directress, reflected on the Liturgy reading which focused on The Beatitudes. She said, "Heaven belongs to those who care, who comfort, who feed, who show compassion, who give, who defend, and who love with all of their hearts and all of their souls. Imagine what our world would be like if we lived the way God calls us to live."
"Your Mount ring represents the Core Values of the Sisters of Mercy, as it represents a school community that professes Gospel values as its foundation," continued Sister Lisa. "The ring that you will wear stands for respect, justice, integrity, compassion, and service. Throughout the world, Mount graduates wear the ring you will wear, representing over 115 years of Mercy education."
She reminded the juniors that their rings are "Circles of Mercy" which are timeless, representing the never-ending possibilities of the future that is theirs, that includes being women of Mercy in their words and deeds.
"I hope when you hold your Mount ring in your hand," concluded Sister Lisa, "that you will remember that you came up this mountain, you sat down, you gathered with your friends, and you learned and experienced the power of being a woman of The Beatitudes."
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