Mercy Day Liturgy Concludes Mercy Week Celebration

Michelle H. Daino
Throughout the week, the Mount community has been commemorating its pride of being a Mercy school and its dedication to uphold the mission of Catherine McAuley, the Mercy Core Values, and the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy. On Friday, we all paused during the Mercy Day Liturgy in Immaculate Conception Chapel to honor our Sisters on campus who inspire us as well as all of those who underline the value of mercy. Our Sisters of Mercy and Mercy Associates renewed their vows and covenants, respectively.
Monsignor William Benwell challenged the community to consider the meaning of the word, "mercy." He said that it is compassion going the "extra mile" and that it is not always easy but what we are called to do. "We are called not just to love those who are easy to love, but those whose names we do not know, those who may be difficult to love, and those who cannot do anything for us because that is what Jesus would call us to do," said Monsignor Benwell. He also invited the students, faculty, staff, Sisters of Mercy, and guests to proceed into the school year with mercy in mind.
"What a wonderful environment is created when we all practice mercy," he said.
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