Softball Field Dedicated to Denise Materia

Michelle H. Daino
The Mount Saint Mary Academy softball field was officially dedicated on Friday, April 21, to Denise E. Materia, Assistant Directress and Athletic Director. The scoreboard bearing her name is positioned on the field and Ms. Materia was honored during a special ceremony in the Sister Lisa Gambacorto Theater.
Sister Lisa said, "Denise has been the guiding light of our athletic department for almost 40 years. Her leadership and dedication, not only to athletics, but all things Mount, has been instrumental in the success of our athletic and activities program."
"She has modeled for our students - women's leadership, sportsmanship, and what it means to play fair - making them better athletes and women. She has been, and continues to create, a positive, can-do attitude, and goes the extra mile," added S. Lisa. "It is very rare in this day and age to have anyone stay at one place and build a legacy, but Denise has done just that. She makes a difference at the Mount and will leave a lasting impact on the athletic program and the school."
Sister Lisa added, "Teacher, coach, mentor, NJ Hall of Fame Coaches' Honoree, Athletic Director, Sisters of Mercy Associate, Assistant Directress, Disciplinarian, and the person we go to - to ensure that fun never dies at the Mount - a central galvanizing force at the Mount with many talents...never afraid to say "Yes!"
"We thank you for your incredible contributions to the Mount and for your fidelity and friendship, and we look forward to our continued work together on behalf of Lion Nation."
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