Office of Enrollment Management Hosts First Siblings Visit Day

Michelle H. Daino
The Mount campus was bustling on Tuesday, November 8, as the Office of Enrollment Management welcomed 34 grade 6, 7, and 8 MOUNT SISTERS so they could gain an early glimpse of Mount daily life while enjoying some quality time with their sisters. Our first Siblings Visit Day began with registration in the Parlor, where the younger sisters received their nametags and lunch tickets. They started their day together by attending classes and enjoying refreshments in the S. Lisa Gambacorto Theater where they met with S. Lisa Gambacorto, RSM, Ed.S. (Directress), as well as Donna Toryak (Director of Enrollment Management) and Julia Pierce (Enrollment Associate). They also met our therapy dogs, Tommy and Toby! After attending a few more classes, they enjoyed lunch in the Student Center before departing for the day.
“It was such a wonderful experience to see the girls share their MOUNT spirit as they arrived in the morning and helped their sisters get ready for the day. Groups of them had a fun time enjoying refreshments together during CWP, while others were anxious to go off on tours to proudly show their sisters the ins and outs of their school. I do wish when I was a Mount student so many years ago, we had an opportunity to offer such a unique and fun experience. This will definitely become a Mount yearly tradition,” noted Ms. Toryak.  
Sofia Purpora '24 said, "I personally loved having my sister come to school with me. I got excited seeing how excited she was to be able to spend the day at school, and I encourage anyone who is choosing a high school to come to Mount for a day and experience firsthand what the classes are like. My sister enjoyed coming to Mount for the day very much, and I loved having her shadow me."
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