Mount St. Mary Peer Facilitators News

Michelle H. Daino
Kathleen Ketofsky, Student Assistance Coordinator, shared some details about the Peer Facilitators at the Mount.
"The Peer Facilitators promote positivity and self-care on campus throughout the busy school year. The 24 selected Peer Facilitators reach out to the entire school community through initiatives such as “Red Ribbon Week”, mid-year celebrations, and engaging poster campaigns. One of the most important services that Peer Facilitators perform at the Mount is mentoring freshman and other new students, aiding in their smooth transition to high school and being a reliable resource for questions and advice."
She added, "During the Peer Facilitator training day on August 31st, Giuliana Pelcher '23 (President), and Vice Presidents Kailey Fahey '23, Rebecca Ryan '23, and Emerson Sheehan '23 led all new and returning Peer Facilitators in activities and discussions that promoted bonding as a team and reflecting on what it takes to be a leader. Peer Facilitator Mentors also prepared to greet the incoming freshman class, brainstorming ways to facilitate a fun, stress-free start to the year. This opportunity to spend time together and reconnect as a team always sets the tone for the upcoming school year and generates some fun and exciting new ideas to implement!  Along with their Moderators, Dana Goad and Mrs. Ketofsky, the Peer Facilitators look forward to a great year!"
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