Mount Euro Challenge Winners Visit European Delegation

Michelle H. Daino
The victors of this year’s Euro Challenge competition - Zoe Daly '24, Victoria Fekete '24, Lillian Del Rossi '24, Charlotte Jotz '24, and Akshaya Karanam '24, Katie Ferris '24, and Gwen Oakley '24 traveled to Washington, D.C. on Monday, June 13, where they were celebrated for winning the contest last month with the topic of Gender Inequality in Germany. 

Kathleen Brennan, Department of Mathematics Chairperson at Mount Saint Mary Academy, accompanied the team, which also had the opportunity to explore various local historic attractions such as the Lincoln Memorial, the National Mall, the Museum of American History, and a piece of the Berlin Wall where they met officials from the German Embassy.

The next day, the team met with officials at the European Delegation who explained their leadership roles and responsibilities to the students. Our Mounties also received gift bags filled with goodies from the Delegation. Next, they visited the German Embassy where they offered their Euro Challenge presentation and answered questions about their research. They concluded that day with a trip to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) where they listened to an overview of the IMF’s responsibilities, and they sat in the seats which are occupied by the delegates. The students also traveled to the Netherlands Embassy to hear the second-place team from Princeton deliver their presentation on fiscal policy in the Netherlands.
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