Gabriella Robinson Appointed to Youth Advisory Board

Michelle H. Daino
Congratulations to Mount senior, Gabriella Robinson '22, who learned earlier this fall that she was offered one of the national roles as a Youth Advisory Board Member for Hershey Heartwarming Project during the 2021-2022 school year.
Gabriella, who learned about the project through email, said, "They had asked me to join their youth board because of my dedication to service and volunteering. As one of the members of this board, I get to give feedback to new ideas and participate in activities with Hershey, also try new candies! What interested me the most was Hershey’s initiative to learn from the opinion of youth/teens, this is emphasized throughout our meetings as well."
According to congratulatory letter, Gabriella's role on the Advisory Board provides her with "the opportunity to provide input and direction, while supporting personal leadership and development. Youth Advisory Board members meet throughout the school year to help inform Hershey's Heartwarming Project. Potential topics include event planning for a youth summit or other special youth event, providing input for promotions and marketing, weighing in on future programs and partnerships, sharing thoughts and reactions to social topics, etc."
Gabriella said, "I think it is wonderful that Hershey decided to choose me for this board, and I hope to really make a change through this advisory board!" 
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