DRIVING TO SCHOOL IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT. This can be revoked at any time for any reason deemed appropriate by Mount Saint Mary administration. Driving is a serious matter and will be treated accordingly. Our first concern is safety for the student driver, passengers, and pedestrians. Make this your first priority - always, and everywhere. Please follow these regulations. Keep this paper in your car.

  • NO SPEEDING OR CARELESS DRIVING. All drivers must adhere to a speed limit of 15 mph in all areas at the top of the hill. Speed may not exceed 15 mph coming up or going down the hill and in the approach area beginning with the tennis courts.
  • Must make full stops at all stop signs and cross walks (with pedestrians present) unless waved through.
  • Student use of car to leave the campus without permission will result in loss of driving privilege for the present school year.
  • Adhere to assigned parking areas. Failure to do so creates problems for many people.  Students are not permitted to return to their cars during the school day.  Permission to go to your car during the school day must be obtained from a member of the Administration or the Executive Administrative Assistant in the main office.
  • The parking permit is issued when your completed application form is returned, your area assigned, and your fee paid. This permit MUST be placed on the outside driver’s side rear window (not back window).Students may not drive on the front road. Arrivals and departures must be made using the back road. Observe standard driving rules regarding school buses loading or unloading students. Student drivers are never permitted to park in the Chapel parking lot or in areas designated for faculty, staff, or residents during the school day.


First Offense: Parent notification and an automatic detention.                                     

Second Offense: Student no longer allowed to drive to top of hill. Parking at tennis courts required.  Student will have to arrange transportation from tennis court parking to top of hill; parental notification in writing.

Third Offense: Driving privilege revoked for the year; parental notification in writing.



Parking at Mount Saint Mary Academy is limited and space is at a premium.

  • Failure to display permit carries a $10 fine, applicable each day the permit is missing.  Parents will be notified.
  • Any student parking in a nonstudent area other than the area assigned to her will be fined $20.  Parents will be notified.
  • Parking in restricted or non-designated areas such as those reserved for visitors, GH, Faculty, Handicapped, unless otherwise permitted will be fined $20.  Parents will be notified.
  • Any student parking without having completed the necessary registration forms will be fined $20 per offense. This includes WRITTEN notification of car changes to Mr. Conlon. The changes may be emailed to  Parents will be notified.
  • Driving in the wrong direction and driving on the front road will result in a $25 fine.

Note: All fines must be paid within 7 to 10 business days. Failure to do so will result in parental notification and a loss of parking privileges until the fine is paid.  Fine money will be used for road care, snow removal and ground maintenance.

Please note: If you have an assigned area and an unauthorized car is parked in your area when you arrive at school, preventing you from parking in your area, email, stipulating where you have parked, the license number of the unauthorized car parked in your area, and the time you arrived at school. As long as this message is given to Mr. Conlon, you will not be fined.

No student should be going to cars during the school day. Do not leave items in the car if you know you will need them during the day. As noted above, the only ones who may give you permission to go to your car during the day are administrators or the Executive Administrator Assistant in the main office.

(i.e. 2020)​​​​

Car Information

If you drive a different car on any given day, submit the above information about the substitute car to Robert Conlon ( by email before homeroom. If this could happen frequently, you may register a second car to avoid having to send the information.

PARKING AREA – Seniors, Gym Lot; Juniors, St. Joseph Lot  

PERMIT NUMBER - assigned after payment

PARKING AGREEMENTI have read the information in its entirety and understand the rules and obligations stated. I agree to observe the regulations regarding the privilege of driving to school. If I should violate any of the regulations, I know I must willingly accept the consequences.

Please note: The entire parking fee must be paid with the application.

$100 for complete school year (Application is within September to October 30)

$75 for 3/4 school year (Application is within October 31 - January 8, 2020)

$50 for half school year (Application is within January 9, 2020 - March 25, 2020)

$25 for quarter school year (Application is within March 26, 2020 - end of school)