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Why an All-Girls School?

The pivotal years of adolescence present many challenges to young women. From the expectations of society to the social pressures of fitting in or impressing boys, a girl can find herself in situations that stifle her strong, unique sense of self and prevent her from taking healthy risks and pursuing her talents. An all-girls education provides a rich learning environment in which the attention of young women is focused on their education and development of self without distractions. It emphasizes an authentic experience that allows for personal growth, development, and accomplishment through the promotion of leadership and confidence.

Research has shown that an all-girls education promotes certain key advantages in young women with tremendous long-term indicators for success. A 2009 UCLA study found that all-girls education promotes greater academic engagement, a greater sense of confidence, higher standardized testing scores, greater interest in historically male-dominated fields like engineering and politics, and greater ambition in higher education.

Mount girls have experienced these benefits and enjoy a learning and social environment designed just for them.