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All classrooms are air-conditioned


Mathematical Concepts 1 & 2 - Explore mathematical concepts and enhance logical-thinking skills through activities including statistics with M&Ms, math in art and nature, and strategy in games. The week will culminate in an escape room activity where campers will put their logical-thinking skills to the test.


Face, Figure & Fashion - Learn how to draw fashion faces and figures and various types of fashion silhouettes, finally creating your own illustrated fashion design using 3D accents.

Crafts in a Flash - Discover some fun and quick craft techniques and carry out a crafty take-away every day.

Angels & Watercolor Landscapes - Two projects in 1 week! Create unique depictions of angels using acrylic paint and paper/fabric collage. Next, stroll the Mount campus and become inspired by the landscape. Sketch and photograph whatever inspires you and turn your sketch or photo into a keepsake watercolor.


Chemistry Fun in the Sun - Harness the sun's rays and cook a tasty treat - s'mores - using a pizza box oven, create personalized and one-of-a-kind photosensitive t-shirts, build model cars that run on energy from the sun and race with the sun's power. Finally, make your own ice cream using the old-fashioned ice-salt mixture to cool down.

Forensic Science - Become a detective as you investigate and solve a simulated crime scene. Students will conduct four types of forensics tests to solve the case of the missing dog. They will also investigate and solve a murder by performing hair, blood, fiber, fingerprint and handwriting analysis.

Engineering - Explore the engineering design process by completing the Marble Down Challenge, designing a rollercoaster and building air rockets.

Sculpting & Molding With Chemistry - Combine creativity, imagination and science while making foam sculptures using polyurethane. Students will make their own soaps and create soap dishes and other items including a NJ state refrigerator magnet, pencil holder, and a giant clothespin paper holder using polymolds and Eurocast.


Yoga - A practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation and positive thinking aimed at developing harmony in the body, mind and environment.

Athletic Development Clinic - Focus on speed and strength training and injury prevention.