Summer Academy 2022

Enrichment Courses

Enrichment Courses

Mount Saint Mary's Summer Academy will include a variety of enrichment courses in STEM Enrichment, Engineering, Science, Math, and the Arts. These fulfilling and challenging courses will be taught by skilled professionals who bring fun and interest to their areas of expertise.

Please check back for details about the 2022 Enrichment Courses. A sample of the course descriptions from 2021 is displayed below.

Course Descriptions

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  • Art

    Paint a Landscape Like an Impressionist Painter! Students will explore a few famous French Impressionist painters and their beautiful landscapes. Have fun with paint and color, learn about mixing and applying paint. Create your own Impressionist painting like Claude Monet!  Beginners welcome.
  • Basic Skills Class

    Remote learning may have left students wishing they had more practice and instruction in basic math, reading and language arts skills.  Students entering grade 7 or 8, join this class for an opportunity to brush up with a focus on these subject areas.
  • Chemistry: Fun in the Sun

    Students will harness the sun’s rays and - cook a tasty treat, s’mores -  using a pizza box oven; create personalized, one-of-a-kind photosensitive T-shirts; build their very own model cars that run on energy from the Sun and race with the power of the Sun. Finally, they will be making their own ice cream using the old-fashioned ice-salt mixture to cool down.
  • Chemistry: Sculpting & Molding

    Students will combine creativity, imagination, and science in making their own foam sculptures using polyurethane. They will be making their own soaps and creating their own soap dishes plus other items including NJ state refrigerator magnet, pencil holder, and a giant clothes pin paper holder, using poly molds and Eurocast.
  • Digital Media

    The Summer Digital media course will use different software and websites to create unique content. Digital media is any form of media that uses electronic devices for distribution. This form of media can be created, viewed, modified and distributed via electronic devices.  Students will design digital projects of their choice using the tools and techniques learned in this session.
  • Engineering

    Students will explore the engineering design process by completing the Marble Down Challenge, designing a roller coaster, and building air rockets.
  • Forensic Science

    Students will become detectives as they investigate and solve a simulated crime scene. Students will conduct 4 types of forensics tests to solve the case of the missing dog. Students will also investigate and solve a murder by performing hair, blood, fiber, fingerprint and handwriting analysis. 
  • Mathematical Concepts

    Campers will explore mathematical concepts and enhance logical thinking skills through activities including statistics with M&Ms, math in art and nature, and strategy in games. The week will culminate in an escape room activity where campers will put their logical thinking skills to the test to escape.
  • Python Coding

    This Summer Python course will feature an introduction to computer science using Python, a popular computer programming language. Students with little or no prior experience will develop the skills needed to solve fun programming puzzles and use Python to create unique objects and designs.
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