Summer Academy 2022

Enrichment Courses

Enrichment Courses

Mount Saint Mary's Summer Academy will include a variety of enrichment courses in Engineering, Science, Math, and the Arts. These fulfilling and challenging courses will be taught by skilled professionals who bring fun and interest to their areas of expertise. These courses are for girls entering 6th to 8th grade.

Course Descriptions

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  • Art - Batik & Painting

    Students will explore the batik technique of hand-dyeing fabric as they create their own artistic designs. They will also have fun painting on mixed media paper, combining traditional painting with a stencil art technique called pochoir. Keeping hands busy with creative expression is the aim of this offering.

    August 1st to August 4th - Session 2 & 4
  • Chemical Reactions

    Students will be observing different chemical reactions and applying different chemical reactions and applying different science principles to transform a plan fabric, old newspaper, plastic container to new and fun products to take home.

    July 25th to July 28th - Session 2 & 4
  • Chemistry: Mix It Up

    Students will combine creativity, imagination, and science in making a variety of fun creations. Students will perform hands-on activities involving heating, mixing of different solutions, and molding to produce unique trinkets to take home.

    July 25th to July 28th - Session 2 & 4
  • Forensic Science

    Like real-life forensic scientists, students will observe carefully, think critically, conduct lab tests, document results, and try to meet the burden of proof as they solve the case of The Murdered Mayor and Who’s Bones are These. Students will have hands-on fun solving these mysteries.

    July 25th to July 28th - Session 1 & 3
  • Fun with Physics

    Physics is the science of how things work. Students will use their imagination to work on projects that study movement, motors, and electrical circuits. This course is hands-on fun with fidget spinners, bristlebot robotics, mousetrap cars and more.

    August 1st to August 4th - Session 1 & 3
  • Maker Academy

    Students will explore our maker space and learn the basics of 3D printing. They will each walk away with a 3D print of their own design. Hands-on fun galore will be found in this session.

    August 1st to August 4th - Session 1 & 3
  • Math Madness

    Students will explore topics in mathematics including Statistics with M&Ms, Patterns in Nature, and Game Theory Basics. The week will culminate in a math-themed escape room. Lots of hands-on fun will be in this session.

    July 25th to July 28th - Session 2 & 4
  • Watercolor / Collage

    Let the Mount campus be your muse as you capture some of the beautiful buildings, flora, and architecture in watercolor. Found objects and scrapbook paper elements will be incorporated as a watercolor/collage.

    July 25th to July 28th - Session 1 & 3
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