Visual and Performing Arts

2023 Fall Play

2023 Fall Play: "Me, My Selfie & I"

Join us on Friday and Saturday, November 17 and 18, at 7 pm in the Sister Lisa Gambacorto Theater where our talented Mounties will take the stage in Me, My Selfie & I.

"If you don't post it, did it even happen?" Follow Erin, Mark, Ashley, Lizzie, Logan, and their group of friends who take us on the very relatable journey of documenting their lives versus living them. This short work by Johnathan Dorf sheds light on the drama and severity of teen status through selfies, social media, post culture, and scrolling. Dorf forces audiences to reflect on their cell phone habits, all while sharing in the relatable comedy of our everyday life situations and scenarios.

The cast of Me, My Selfie & I includes:

Sofia Salerno '24, Katelin Rosenbaum '25, Evangeline Stewart-Dale '25, Celeste DelGuercio '26, Shannon Bradley '26, Maria Klein '26, Sophia Chmura '26, and Jenna Brennan '26.
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