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College Level Meetings

Over the course of four years, school counselors facilitate grade level instruction to further enhance each student’s level of understanding of what they are experiencing that year and what they can expect the following year. The following courses and descriptions are offered for each grade level:

Freshman Seminar (9th grade)
This course is designed to acquaint ninth graders with programs, policies, and practices of the Academy. Study skills, time management, and organizational skills are emphasized. Students will meet with the technology department for additional tablet training. Student presentations by National Honor Society Members will also help students make the transition into high school.

Sophomore Seminar (10th grade)
This class is designed for sophomore students as an introduction to college and career planning. Students are introduced to Naviance, a web-based computer application system. An interest survey is administered and students are exposed to a variety of careers. Members of the class will begin to build their own personal resumes and college planning discussions are facilitated. Standardized test scores (PSAT & PLAN) will be reviewed and analyzed.

College Skills I (11th grade)
Junior students are enrolled in scheduled classes that emphasize the college search process. College Match, a workbook complete with interesting self-awareness assignments, acquaints students with ideas to prepare them for selecting colleges. Students will begin the college selection process. Naviance, a computer application system, will be introduced as a tool in this process. Topics and discussions covered in this class include: the internet as a resource, importance of college visits, building and creating a resume, writing a good college essay, and the details of PSAT, SAT, and ACT standardized testing.

College Skills II (12th grade)
Senior students are enrolled in scheduled classes emphasizing the college application process. Core elements include: information regarding college applications, application deadlines, college essay topics, letters of recommendation, and college scholarship opportunities. Each senior is scheduled for a private interview with her school counselor to discuss college plans.