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College Level Meetings

Over the course of four years, school counselors facilitate grade level instruction to further enhance each student’s level of understanding of what they are experiencing that year and what they can expect the following year. The following courses and descriptions are offered for each grade level:


This seminar course is designed to introduce all first-year students to the academic and extracurricular programs, policies and practices of MSMA. Students will learn how to utilize all available resources at MSMA, as well, as sign in to Naviance and complete a Learning Style Inventory. Additionally, students will discuss time-management techniques, self-care, goal setting and how to make high school count.


This seminar course is designed for all sophomores as an introduction to college and career planning. Students will take assessments on career interest and personality through Naviance and discuss a wide variety of potential careers. Additionally, students will work on building resumes, review and analyze Pre-ACT and PSAT test results, and engage in college planning discussions. Students are encouraged to participate in a work shadow experience.


All junior students are enrolled in a college skills seminar class that introduces the college search process. Students will research colleges in an effort to construct a refined list of colleges to apply to in their senior year. Other topics include: building a resume, brainstorming a college essay, importance of visiting colleges, planning a standardized testing timeline, requesting letters of recommendation. Students will use Naviance, a personalized web-based program to facilitate the college search process.


All senior students are enrolled in a college skills seminar class that emphasizes the college application process. This course focuses on the completion of college applications utilizing a step by step approach. Topics include the navigation and submission of college applications including the Common Application, the submission of standardized test scores including the SAT and ACT, requesting letters of recommendation, submitting transcript request forms, and the use of Naviance in tracking the submission of these forms. Deadlines are emphasized, questions answered, and class time is allotted to work on supplemental pieces of the application.