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Board of Trustees

The Mount Saint Mary Academy Board of Trustees was established when the Academy was incorporated in 1996. The Academy has been fortunate to have strong Board leadership from its inception. Each Board group has been comprised of past parents, alumnae, and Sisters of Mercy, all offering a diverse set of gifts and talents. These individuals examine decisions based on the mission and values of the school and the Core Values of the Sisters of Mercy. Fully engaged and supportive of the Academy’s administration, The Board of Trustees remains invested and available to provide the necessary oversight and support to the legacy of Mount Saint Mary Academy.

Members of the Board 2019-2020

Elizabeth A. Weiler, Esq., Chair (Past Parent)
Raymond Szymanski, B.A., Vice Chair (Past Parent)
S. Lisa D. Gambacorto, RSM, Ed. S., Directress

Victoria M. Bixel, B.A. (Alumna)

Mary Bernadette Corrigan, B.A. (Alumna)

Patricia Carey Fitzpatrick, MBA (Past Parent)

S. Francesca Holly, RSM, M.A. (Alumna)

Meaghan Spezzi Kulakis, B.A. (Alumna)

James N. Lawlor, Esq. (Past Parent)

S. Dorothy Lazarick, RSM, M.S.

Donna M. Lombardi, Esq. (Alumna and Past Parent)

Elizabeth Lyndon, B.A. (Alumna)

Russell U. Nesbitt, Jr., Ph.D. (Past Parent)

Brian T. Searls, B.S. (Past Parent)

Dr. Melissa L. Pecoraro Segerson, DMD (Alumna)

Sean J. Sullivan, M.S. (Past Parent)

S. Margie Tapia, RSM, MSN (Alumna)

Claire Sullivan Tucciarone, B.A. (Alumna and Past Parent)

Robert J. Waldele, B.A. (Past Parent)

Elizabeth Carter, BA, Secretary